1.678.542.3100, Europe, Middle East + Africa {"id":3,"offset":2,"color_name":"Gloss","color_num":"7673","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/7673_Merle_T.png","pms":"18-0201 TPG","ral":"","last":false,"tile_name":"Merle CS","secondary_num": ""}, Steelcase Dealer network a3 CeramicSteel Workwall is a series of vertically oriented whiteboard wall panels are spline jointed together and trimmed with an aluminum extrusion on the outer edges. Mirror Stainless Steel Frame with Tempered Glass 460mm Wide x 910mm High Roval Collection 10-20650-B1836 $ 618.66 $ 257.95. {"id":21,"offset":2,"color_name":"Lagoon","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Lagoon-17-4716-TPG.png","pms":"17-4716 TPG","ral":"","last":false}, {"id":13,"offset":1,"color_name":"Citron","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/CITRON-17-1140-TPG.png","pms":"17-1140 TPG","ral":"","last":false}, Entre em contato com a nossa equipe de atendimento ao cliente para encontrar fabricantes e distribuidores … As a floor-to-ceiling whiteboard, a3 CeramicSteel Workwall can be custom-ordered to … Frameless whiteboards. Glass marker boards produce a diminished viewing … APACsupport@polyvision.com With a clear marker-to-whiteboard color contrast, CeramicSteel offers readability not found with other surfaces. Whiteboard paint is a high-gloss paint typically containing an epoxy additive that dries to an erasable surface. Custom E3 Porcelain Whiteboard. {"id":26,"offset":7,"color_name":"Platinum","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Platinum-17-4402-TPG.png","pms":"17-4402 TPG","ral":"","last":true}, In addition to the four standard finishes, PolyVision’s state-of-the-art digital printing technology allows for custom artwork, logos and images. {"id":7,"offset":1,"color_name":"Merlot","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Merlot-19-1337-TPG.png","pms":"19-1337 TPG","ral":"","last":false}, ]; Americas The Sans Collection, made with highly durable CeramicSteel, offers various sizes, depths, and colors so your functional analog tools can bring an element of design into your space. China Porcelain Whiteboard with E3 Brand Ceramic Enamel Steel From Polyvision, Find details about China Porcelain Whiteboard, Ceramic Whiteboard from Porcelain Whiteboard with E3 Brand Ceramic Enamel Steel From Polyvision - Zhangjiagang Senko Import and Export Co., Ltd. Gilkon Ceramic Steel Whiteboard. +852.2520.0160, 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, but, © A PolyVision vende a e 3 CeramicSteel a uma rede de fabricantes que produzem diversos produtos de quadro de escrita usando nosso material premium. This proven product has undergone rigorous tests and is universally quality certified by The European Enamel Authority. It is Ultra Violet resistant, Chemical resistant against Acids and Alkali, Impact and Scratch resistant. Gloss Stubborn stains may be spot-cleaned by using scouring powder and water, nylon scouring pads, fine steel wool or solvent-based materials such as acetone, methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, alcohol, mineral spirits or paint remover. PolyVision is a U.S. and Belgium-based manufacturer of ceramic coated steel used in whiteboards, chalkboards, and architectural cladding. When people work together, innovation happens. Industrial Opportunity Partners is a … For more information, please see our, Distributors for Architectural Panels + Cladding, Fabricators + Distributors for Coils + Sheets, Scratch, bacteria, chemical and fire resistant. CeramicSteel is one of the most durable surfaces available, combining the best qualities of porcelain and steel to create a surface that is unmatched in the industry. Look Book Issue 3 | Be Well 20/20 | PolyVision Ceramic Steel POLYVISION: A CONFIDENT RETURN TO THE CLASSROOM The spread of the novel Coronavirus pushed classrooms and offices into a virtual setting as people around the world locked down to mitigate its effect on communities. An open-concept collaborative space as part of an education project for Lewisville Independent School District (ISD). Vista Whiteboards are 100% made in Australia. Wearability - Vitrified glass-hard ceramic surface fused to light-gauge enameling-grade steel in the range of 700–900 °C (1292–1652 °F). APACsupport@polyvision.com Sans Light is designed with a thin whiteboard profile, about half the depth of Sans. EMEAsupport@polyvision.com Coat & Bumper Hook 10-0714 ... Whiteboards. Working Wall. PolyVision, a Steelcase company, is your choice for top-performing ceramic steel whiteboards, chalkboards and architectural cladding systems. .post-slide-arrow-next{margin-right:10px;} .post-slide-arrow-next, .post-slide-arrow-prev { margin-bottom: 28%; } .rectangle-swatches .swatch { width:25%; } .rectangle-swatches .swatch-container { width:250px; height: 121px; border: 1px solid #707070; } .rectangle-swatches .large-swatch { border: 1px solid #707070; height:300px; width:610px; }. PolyVision’s hygienic surface helps prevent the spread of germs and is ideal for healthcare, education, and corporate environments where cleanliness is … {"id":1,"offset":0,"color_name":"Gloss","color_num":"7671","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/7671_Arctic-White_T-1.png","pms":"11-4800 TPG","ral":"","last":false,"tile_name": "Arctic White 2 CS","secondary_num": ""}, {"id":5,"offset":4,"color_name":"Chalk","color_num":"7661","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/7661_Gray-Chalk_T.png","secondary_num":"6502 C","tile_name":"Gray","pms":"425 C","ral":"","last":true},{"id":6,"offset":0,"color_name":"Plum","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/FUSCHIA-PMS-2425.png","pms":"249 C","ral":"","last":false}, {"id":20,"offset":1,"color_name":"Peacock","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Peacock-3302-C.png","pms":"3302 C","ral":"","last":false}, Framed Whiteboards. sale. By adding your choice of edge color, Sans frameless whiteboards give your writing surface unexpected depth. {"id":19,"offset":0,"color_name":"Light Peacock","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Light-Peacock-18-5115-TPG.png","pms":"18-5115 TPG","ral":"","last":false}, {"id":18,"offset":6,"color_name":"Jungle","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/JUNGLE-19-6110-TPG-.png","pms":"19-6110 TPG","ral":"","last":true}, 2021 PolyVision Corporation, We use cookies to make this site as useful as possible and maximize your experience. {"id":24,"offset":5,"color_name":"Black","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Midnight-Black-C.png","pms":"Black C","ral":"","last":false}, High resistance to impact damage, abrasion, scratching and color fading. Mobile Whiteboards. That non-porous surface is virtually indestructible. Sans frameless whiteboards offer enhanced opportunities for creativity and customization. {"id":2,"offset":1,"color_name":"Gloss","color_num":"7674","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/10\/7674_Platinum-Solid_T.png","pms":"17-4402 TPG","ral":"","last":false,"tile_name": "Platinum Solid CS","secondary_num": ""}, Email inquiry to EMEAsupport@polyvision.com, *Actual colors may vary const swatchArrStandard = [ 1.678.542.3100, Europe, Middle East + Africa It’s also magnetic, easy to clean and fully scratch resistant. PolyVision e3™ Ceramic Steel writing surfaces are made for busy offices and boisterous classrooms, providing a super-smooth writing surface that erases like magic and won’t scratch, stain or fade for as long as it is in use—guaranteed. Both products can be configured in horizontal and vertical orientations and are available in a variety of sizes ideal for the modern workplace. Email inquiry to APACsupport@polyvision.com, Europe, Middle East + Africa {"id":11,"offset":6,"color_name":"Papaya","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Papaya-486-C.png","pms":"486 C","ral":"","last":true}, Adapt Vertical Real Estate. PolyVision is a U.S. and Belgium-based manufacturer of ceramic coated steel used in whiteboards, chalkboards, and architectural cladding. PolyVision is a U.S. and Belgium-based manufacturer of ceramic coated steel used in whiteboards, chalkboards, and architectural cladding. As we settle into an altered state of business-as-usual, what should employers consider for the post-COVID-19 future? Resistant to scratches, stains and bacteria PolyVision e3 CeramicSteel is the surface of choice for classrooms around the world. +, Asia Pacific It can be used as a dry erase board, and is also magnetic. In fact, it’s so durable it has an expected life cycle exceeding 50 years. +, Asia Pacific {"id":9,"offset":3,"color_name":"Chili","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/CHILI-18-1564.png","pms":"18-1564 TPG","ral":"","last":false}, {"id":12,"offset":0,"color_name":"Mango","color_num":"","color_url":"https:\/\/polyvision.com\/wp-content\/uploads\/2018\/12\/Mango-130-C.png","pms":"130 C","ral":"","last":false}, Installation-The board is easy to install. It refuses stains and is colorfast. Polyvision e3 ceramic steel is an easy to clean, strong magnetic and scratch-resistant with a lifetime warranty, which makes it so widely used in whiteboard and interactive whiteboard. Get contact details & address of companies manufacturing and supplying Ceramic Steel Whiteboard, Ceramic Whiteboards, Ceramic Whiteboard across India.

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