3.4. Thanks for your inputs. NB: If you need a professional consultations on snail farming, CLICK HERE to WhatsApp Us. Snail farming in Ghana is one of the most lucrative agri-business ideas for young farmers in Ghana. It is one of the agribusiness you can start with zero capital. There is a fee of GHS 10 before we attend to you. It is very interesting, I have just started one at my backyard garden with a huge space of land doing nothing. After you are successfully done putting up a business plan, it is time to start the actual farm. Food Consumption: Edible snails are a part of regular meals in most households around the world. Start by choosing an environment that is free from wind to prevent dehydration; Choose soil that is rich in calcium and has water ; Learn all you need to know about snails to have an upper hand. Farming Africa talks with Justin King, Founder and CEO of Nwapa Snail Farms. snails have traditional healing benefits. In snail farming choosing where to keep the snails is very important as a change in weather conditions can adversely affect the progress of the farm. The snails will suffer heat if the plants are not fully grown to provide shade. Snail cost much in the market and so you are not scared of low pricing. 24 months for AA snails to mature. Snail farming has to do with the rearing and multiplication of snails for meat and cosmetic purposes. So we’ve decided to bring it upon ourselves to curate a detailed guide about snail farming for beginners . From the prehistoric age, human has been consuming snail meat because of its high rate of protein, iron, low fat, and including almost all the amino acid which is needed for human body. On the 3 of February 2019 at golden tulip hotel Accra Ghana. For the start, you need to have time for them, if you are too busy at other things and don’t have much time, please don’t disturb these vegetarians. Examples of such vegetables are cocoyam, dwarf banana, potato, etc. Once you stock it won’t take much time to see them laying. This was supplemented by literature and internet research, as well as through contacts with African experts on the subject. Snails can also be affected by various types of diseases like fungal, bacterial and deficiency diseases which causes death or retarded growth and also limit reproduction. In this write up, we bring you the accurate and most recent nurses’ pledge. Snail Farming. If your answer is yes, read on. I am going to teach you exactly how to start snail farming in Ghana and make huge profits. Plant vegetables to serve as a shade and feed. The purpose of this article is to focus on land snails because, they’re the most widely used for snail farming. Snails as a pest I am very grateful for this is all important education. To succeed in snail farming requires very little. You can use water hose to achieve this. Snail meat is considered a delicacy by some, whereas others will not even touch it for religious or cultural reasons. Ghana exported about 620 kilograms of snails in 1994 and 1,050 kilograms to the Netherlands and the United States respectively. This is the official admin account for Ghana Insider. Tag: Snail farming in ghana. Starting with 100 snails can produce about 5,000 snails in a year. Paying apt attention and giving this business commitment can make you millions of money. The breed you choose to rear will determine how successful you can become. The common risk associated with snail farming is the ability to provide the right the right ambient temperature and humidity for growing the snails. Some major pest of snail are Rats, Lizard, termite and frogs that can bite or sting the snails to death and use them as food. Locally prepared dishes... Waakye leaves comes with some health benefits not everyone is aware of. They contain nutrients like iron, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and has very low fat. And you will need to start the snail farm with the right species. Avoid getting breeding stock from market vendors. Building a completely suitable snail house requires time and expertise. This is because in the day time it is difficult to locate them. Snail farming requires very little effort to succeed and it is a lucrative business venture. I believe this guide has given you an insight about what snail farming is. If you are reading this post, there is no doubt that you want to know who the richest pastor in Ghana is. The business plan should include the following. 0203 256 997. But still, it is one of the most ignored animal rearing business in this country Ghana and other African Countries. There are several species of snails in Ghana but the common one that is mostly consumed and grow so fast is the Ghanaian giant snail (botanical name: Achatina achatina). ... UP Coming Beekeeping Training: UP Coming Snail Farming Training: Who We Are. You can overcome this big hurdle by doing the following: For proper shell formation, the snail feed should be rich in calcium. Select soil that is rich in water and calcium. Snail farming is a practical and viable business venture that is yet to be fully explored in Ghana. Snails are sold for their meat and are used in popular escargot dishes. And they become dormant in the dry season. The AA snails I got laid plenty eggs and I have selected the ones that survived and I am now raising about 400 juveniles to breed my future enterprise. This is an important aspect you need to pay attention to. follow these steps to make your work much easier. Log in, Snail Farming In Ghana: How To Get Started (2020), Rabbit Farming In Ghana: How To Get Started (2020), Tilapia Farming In Ghana: How To Get Started (2020), The first requirement is choosing an environment that is free from wind to avoid dehydration. Snail farming is another profitable livestock business with a low capital start up. market feasibility studies should be conducted, your snail farm should have high humus content, you should have a business plan for the project, make available the best snails according to your market survey. Please I also want know how long it takes a snail to mature/grow. Consequently snail farming is not a way to make money quickly! Basically snails originated from wild life they are considered as good food and source of nutrition. Thanks for briefing me about the snail farm business. The training programme, under the snail and grasscutter Satellite Pilot Project, took place in the Ashanti, Central, Eastern and Brong Ahafo Regions.

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