Where in the West Indies did Brian Lara score his record-breaking 375? I hope you've enjoyed this romp through 100 quiz questions and answers. 71. the first test cricket match was played in?? 87) ‘Sunny Days’ is a well-known autobiography of a world famous player. Our online IPL trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top IPL quizzes. It is indeed one of the widely played and watched sports in the world. 98. in which world cup two Asian teams appeared in final?? - 1 Leg Before Wicket . 2. 48) What was the Kolkata Knight Riders highest total for 2017 season? 83) A country won World Cup in 1954, 1974 and 1990. Lol 'Bout to Win. 99. who is the player of the series of the world cup 2011?? 33) Who is the first Indian to cross 6000 runs mark in one day Internationals? 64) The Ashes –  Who bowled the first ball of the 2019 series? The total prize of cricket world cup 2019 trophy is?? 78) Who was the first bowler to create a hat-trick at Lord’s? Answer: Australia – Ricky Ponting and Michael Clarke, England – Andrew Strauss. Answer: 1744. Required fields are marked *. Can you say that nickname? These questions help your brain popping up some new ideas. Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020 Part 5 (Quiz 81-100) 81) Where was the 15th (1994) World Cup Football held? So enjoy the questions and play the game. 65) What is the distance of the inner circle for the purposes of field restrictions in One Day Limited overs matches? 26. which player scored most runs in ICC world cup?? The first cricket match took place in Australia in?? Indian Premier League is going to start on 5 April, 2017. 97. which team won the world cup final in their home ground?? 34. 27. How'zat?! Answer: Mansoor Ali Khan Pataud against New Zealand. 29. 52. how many days the trophy of world cup 2019 tour?? Answer: Australia – Steve Smith 211, England – Ben Stokes 135. Looking for some good Pub Quiz Questions? Name him: 97) Which English Captain was also a famous violinist? Which was the first English county that Anil Kumble played for? The game of cricket doesn’t need an introduction. Which present England cricket international was born in Christchurch, New Zealand, before moving to England at the age of 12? I've included a few links below to trivia sets that are more fully oriented toward kids. Also check- Quiz questions UK / Tie breaker questions Pub Quiz Questions Q1. 91. which country hosts the world cup of 2007?? How many matches were played in the 2019 world cup?? 37. 3) What was the official name of the first World Cup? 25) Which Indian player was ‘rusticated’ and sent back during the 1936 English tour? Quiz on T-20 Cricket: Indian Premier League As everyone knows that the 10th edition of most popular cricket league i.e. 20) The Ashes –  Who scored the highest individual score for each side in 2019? Howzat! England hosted the consecutively third-time world cup in?? Home Quiz Questions and Answers Cricket Quiz with Answers Cricket Quiz with Answers ExamGuru 8:55 AM. Which legendary bowler had the nickname 'Whispering Death'? IBPS Bank PO, SO Exams 2019-2020, computer knowledge, general awareness, current affairs, aptitude, reasoning, verbal ability multiple choice solved questions with answers for sbi po, so, rbi and clerical exams. Take up the quiz to find out. ONLINE quiz nights are the perfect chance to catch up with family and friends, and now nearing the festive season, Express.co.uk gives you 100 general knowledge questions … Australia won their first world cup in?? 59. the trophy of world cup 2019 was made of?? Cricket may be over for now but RadioTimes.com has a full range of questions and answers to bowl at your mates in the next pub quiz India defeat which team in the final of world cup 1983?? This bumper selection features everything from sport to geography and history . 1992 cricket world cup was the_______staging of the cricket world cup?? 55+ best golf trivia questions with answers(Quiz). 67. in which word cup the cricket games were reduced to 60 to 50 overs?? They are split into 6 different rounds: general knowledge, sports, music, movies, history and science. Answer: Diego Maradona. Top 100 GK Questions on Cricket . Apply some sunscreen to your face and try out this series of cricket questions! 37) When and where did India play her first one day International? 72) Name the only Indian player to have won a ‘Man of the Match’ award in three consecutive matches against England, West Indies and Pakistan: 73) What was the unique thing about India’s victory at Old Trafford, Manchester (1983)? 45) Both father and son scored centuries for India, Who are they? The final match of 2019 world cup was played in?? 40) England – Who was their top run scorer? A training schedule in which the batsmen practice blindfolded C. A tactic that requires every fielder to be placed on a side If you’re a cricket fan, this quiz is for you. Answer: Australia – Justin Langer, England – Trevor Bayliss. 16) When was the Durham County Cricket Club founded? Also these Cricket World Cup’s Questions are important for every competitive examinations as well as these questions will improve your general awareness about Cricket World Cup. Which part of England is called the cradle of cricket? This post is totally for a cricket lover. 75) Name the father and son duo who have captained India in Tests: Answer: Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi and Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi. 46) How many Championship wins has the Glamorgan County Cricket Club had? Answer 10 multiple choice questions and find out just how much you know about the greatest event in World Cricket Answer: Zero runs at Headingley Leeds (1974). Looking for more Sports Quizzes?Check out our World Cup soccer quiz or our General sports quiz for more quizzy fun. 9) Who was ‘the Man of the match’ in the 1975 World Cup final? 30. Which was the first Olympic Games attended by the Soviet Union as a communist power? 65. 9. 95. 16. the first ODI match was played in between?? 95) He is the first Indian to score a Test debut century in a match won by India. Pakistan won their first world cup in?? Name the country? 24. Who won the county championships in every season from 1951 to 1958? The awarding system for victory in matches interrupted by the weather B. 75. which Pakistani coach died in 2007 world cup?? 8. 62) When was the Mumbai Indians club founded? Sports Quiz. IMRAN KHAN completed his 1000 runs playing against?? 52) What Indian cricketer is called “Zak” or “Zippy Zakky”? Cricket is a not a very similar game in the world and is almost like baseball. Long Ball Wide. 92) This cricketer was declared out “handled the ball” in a Test against India. 90. which Australian player scored the most run in the world cup of 2007?? 82. what is the length of bat used in cricket?? 89. which Sri Lankan player took most wickets in the world cup 2003?? 85) Who has been the first hat-trick recorded in Test? The world’s top cricketers were auctioned off for the DLF Indian Premier League in Mumbai on February 20, 2008. 70. 100) Name the two umpires in the first ever One Day International: Read: Football Quiz Questions and Answers 2020, Check General Knowledge Questions and General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers. 100 Pub Quiz Questions. 38. 17. Welcome to our first cricket quiz, for this quiz there will be 20 random multiple choice questions based on individual player stats, general rules of the game, team achievements and a few more general questions that most cricket lovers should know. byBeano Quiz Team. Answer: West Germany. Découvrez votre score et amusez-vous avec nos autres tests. 19) Which cricketing law classifies throwing to be illegal? read this 55+ baseball trivia questions with answers(quiz). 70) India first played against the West Indies in a One Day International at: 71) Name the oldest player in One Day Internationals: Answer: Norman Gifford (44 years 360 days) played against Pakistan at Sharjah during 1984-85. 81) Name the only cricketer to score five centuries in five successive innings: 82) Who is the only batsman to have hit a century in each innings of a Test thrice? Last Updated: 20/12/17 8:14pm Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a cricket quiz - … We provide you some good collection of questions. Who became the highest wicket-taker in Test cricket when he overtook Shane Warne's record on 3 December 2007? 50) The Ashes –  Who did Pat Cummins claim as his 100th test match wicket during the 2019 series? 92. how many participants are there in the 1979 world cup?? Or do you think you can answer them all? 51. the format of the 2019 world cup is?? Answer: Length … 36. which Australian player take a hat-trick on his birthday?? Play Test Cricket quizzes on Sporcle, the world's largest quiz community. 46. who won the golden bat in the 2019 world cup?? 34) The Ashes –  Who were the captains of each side in 2010-2011 series? 100 questions de culture générale pour tester vos connaissances. Can you name the top 100 cricketers of all time according to Christopher Martin-Jenkins? 74. which three countries hosted 2003 world cup?? 80) Who is the first captain to win the toss all five tests? 20 cricket questions for your home pub quiz. Name them: Answer: Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar. 18) Who was the player of the IPL 2017 season? 14. 2/12. Share; Tweet; Pin; Whether you’re after new ideas or you want to test your knowledge, these pub quiz questions and answers are designed to challenge you or the participants. Answer: Prudential World Cup. 61. separate world cup for women’s was stared in?? 72. cricket was included as an Olympic sport in?? Which famous umpire retired in world cup 2019?? The first ICC world cup was organized by which country?? 31. 57) Name the captains of the first Women’s Test match in 1934-35: Answer: Margaret Peden (Australia) and Betty Archdale (England). In this post, you will get 100+ cricket trivia questions, which will improve your cricket knowledge. 66) Name the Australian batsman whose great-grandfather also represented his country. 94) Which was the longest test ever played? How many participants were there in 1992 world cup?? The 2019 world cup was the _____ cricket world cup?? 29) The first Caribbean cricketer to be knighted was: 31) The trophy awarded to the winner of England – New Zealand Test series is: 32) How many times Chennai Super Kings won the IPL? 76. terrorist attacked the Sri Lankan team in Pakistan in which month?? 77) Who is the heaviest cricketer of all times? 44. the final match of 2019 world cup was played at?? India hosted the second-time world cup in?? Ultimate Cricket Quiz Questions Are you a budding cricket ace? The highest number of runs scored in an over is?? His great-grandfather, W. H. Cooper. The first international cricket match was played between?? I,e ODI, T20, Test matches and counties. This post is totally for a cricket lover. Answer: The 5th Test at Durban, South Africa Vs England (1939). 36) Which national team is nicknamed “The Proteas” or “The Springboks”? 79. how many types of ball are used In cricket game?? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Though many of the questions are appropriate for kids and adults alike, some may be more challenging. Test your knowledge on this sports quiz and compare your score to others. Which cricketer attracted the highest price ? These type of questions and answers are gaining popularity day by day. Which measurement in cricket has remained unchanged since 1744? 101. which Indian player is known as the world cup hat-trick man in ICC WORLD CUP?? 84) Which trophy is awarded to the winner of the West Indies Vs England Test Series? 19. how many times England has hosted ICC world cup?? 58) What town are the Surrey County Cricket Club based in? The sport cricket is the world _______most popular spectator sport?? 78. in which world cup Kenya reached first time in semi-final?? How many teams were their In 2015 world cup?? 79) Who does the best batting average in a test career belong? Cricket is the second most spectacular game in the world. How well do you know the rules that govern this game and how it is played? Need to make a sport pub quiz but don't know where to start? 99) Who Captained India to victory in the World Cup in 1983? 39) Who were the Mohammed brothers playing Test Cricket for Pakistan? General Knowledge Quiz Questions and Answers. 14) Australia – Who registered their highest individual score? 23. who score most runs in 2019 world cup?? Your email address will not be published. 60. what is the weight of the trophy of world cup 2019?? There are too many formats of cricket. 67) Define a ‘wide ball’ in Limited overs matches: Answer: A ball moving two feet wide either side of the wicket is adjusted a “Wide Bail”. Like baseball? 58. what is the height of the trophy of world cup 2019?? Put your skills to the test with this fast-paced sports quiz! Contents. 45. how many people around the world watched the world cup 2019?? 59) The name of the Triangular Tournament played in Australia every year is the: Answer: Benson & Hedges World Cup Series. 100. which two players took most wickets in the world cup 2011?? 53. what is the theme song of world cup 2019?? 74) West Indian cricketer Fidel Edwards is better known as? Top 100 Cricket Quiz Questions and Answers Part 1 (Quiz 1-20) 1) The distance between the popping crease and the bowling crease is: Answer: 4 feet. In 1992 world cup Pakistan beat England by _____runs?? 91) The only instance in first class cricket when father and son umpired a match was: Answer: In 1960-61, the duo being M.G Vijaya Sarthy and M. V. Nagendra. Have fun! MS Word Questions and Answers Pdf. Quiz by campion Test your knowledge on this sports quiz and compare your score to others. Name him: 93) Two school boys, now full-fledged cricketers, who created a world record by a total score of 664 runs in a school match in Bombay. 41) With which championship did the ‘Official’ one day cricket begin? 32. shahid Afridi used ________bat to hit the fastest ever ODI century. 39. which Pakistani player take 2 test hat-trick and 2 ODI hat-trick?? 28) What town are the Essex County Cricket Club based in? Want to read more sports trivia? 87. the longest match in the history of cricket took place in?? Like basketball? 33. who bowl the fastest delivery in cricket?? We have you covered with 65 questions to baffle your mates 2) The West Indies hit 421 batting first in their warm up match versus who? Fancy yourself a trivia quiz buff? Copyright © 2019 triviaquestions4u.com All Right Reserved |, 70+ best hockey trivia questions with answers, 60+ Best NHL trivia questions with answers[Playoffs…, 69+ Disney trivia facts about princess, Disney World…, 55+ Baseball Trivia Questions with Answers(quiz). The most massive fanbase of this sport lies in the Indian subcontinent, Australia, West Indies, several European countries, and of course, England. 35) Who is the first batsman to cross 10000 runs in Tests? Answer: Broad Half-penny Down where Hambledon Club played. A. Which part of England is called the cradle of cricket? A comprehensive database of more than 17 IPL quizzes online, test your knowledge with IPL quiz questions. 55. When were the first widely accepted laws of cricket brought out? 55) Name the first captain of the West Indies team: 56) Name the player who was called “Harmy”? 89) Who was the only player to be dismissed at 99 in the Indo-New Zealand Test Series? 55+ best golf trivia questions with answers(Quiz), 57+ basketball trivia questions with answers(NBA), 55+ baseball trivia questions with answers(quiz), 65+ best trivia facts for kids and teenagers. 35. Top 100 Cricket Quiz Questions with Answers - Learn More about Cricket Top 100 GK Questions on Cricket1. Cricket is the second most spectacular game in the world. India hosted the second time world cup in?? 63) Who has the credit of captaining India to her first overseas victory? 50. which Indian player say goodbye to ODI cricket in 2019 world cup?? 64. QUIZ: Immensely popular in England, Australia, India, and many other British Commonwealth countries, the sport of cricket is a way of life for many people. 38) Name the ground in England where only one Test has been played? 49. what is the net worth of ICC world cup 2019?? 96. which Indian player scored most runs in the world cup of 1999?? 94. the final match of the world cup 1987 was played in which stadium?? Cricket Questions and Answers Quiz Questions I. The ICC world cup held after every_____ year?? 1/12. 49) Name the Test cricket centres of New Zealand: Answer: Wellington, Christchurch, Auckland, Dunedin and Napier. Prior to Usain Bolt, who was the last man to win the sprint double of 100 metres and 200 metres? Who coached the Great Britain men’s and women’s football teams at the 2012 Olympics? QUIZ: Test your knowledge of cricket and the festive season! 13) What was total number of matches played in the 1975 World Cup? 43) At which place did Sunil Gavaskar Score his 10000th run? 77. 1. So lets read out all these Top 100 GK Questions On Cricket World Cup 1975 to 2019 together with 2019 Cricket World Cup. 1. 56. which team failed to qualify directly in world cup 2019?? It is for the lightweights that can run so fast and score. 88. which team is the runners-up of the world cup 2003?? 2. the sport cricket became the national sport of England in which century?? 83. who is the most experienced player in the cricket team?? 57+ basketball trivia questions with answers(NBA). 20. Easy singles (1 point each) 1. 84. each over in a cricket game has____balls?? Answer: Paul Shehan. 41. 10) Which national team are called “Baggy Greens”? 6. 22. 22) What is New Zealand cricketer Brendon McCullum’ nickname? Australia defeats Pakistan in the 1999 world cup by how many runs?? 11) The 1975 World Cup, the first of its kind was played at: 12) When was overarm bowling accepted as legal? Answer: New Zealand. 17) What was the margin of West Indies victory over Australia in the first (1975) World Cup final? liverpoolecho. 40. who is the tallest player in the history of cricket?? These are different from any creative writing. 7) In first class Indian matches, the maximum distance allowed from pitch to the boundary/ line is: 8) The Ashes – Who were the head coaches of each side in 2019? Sports Quiz Questions: Olympic Games. 11. Leg Beyond Width. 66. which two countries hosted the world cup 1987?? Cricket Quiz Questions by Questionsgems. 27) What is Australia’s highest score against India? or maybe you are looking to create your own interactive quiz. 83) Which trophy is awarded to the winner of the West Indies Vs Australia Test Series? Answer: It was West Indies’ first ever defeat in World Cup matches. 23) India achieved its first Test victory against Australia in: 24) Who was the Man of the Match in the first One-Day International? Cricket Quiz Questions: Round 1. Who was the first player born in the 1990s to play for England? 51) Which country has played the maximum number of one day matches? This 10 question cricket quiz for kids is perfect for people who want to know more about this popular bat and ball game. 69. 42. the Australian cricket team has played his first T20 match against?? Cricket Quiz - World Cup 2019 Quiz, Cricketing trivial, stats, facts, test your cricket knowledge ahead of CWC 2019, Questions on Team, individuals Records 10. Who make most runs in 1992 world cup?? 65 sport questions and answers for your home pub quiz. These type of questions based on different topics such as history, music, animals, sports, geography, sciences or others. The word Trivia signifies something of small importance. The sport cricket start in which century?? In this post, you will get 100+ cricket trivia questions, which will improve your cricket knowledge. 5) The prize money of Prudential World Cup for the winner amounted to: 6) Who won the maximum sixes award for the IPL 2008 season? Test your cricket knowledge with these 15 questions. Pub Quiz Questions by questionsgems. 76) When were Test Matches first televised? Qasim Peracha. 62. who established the rival world series cricket(WSC)?? 21) How many minutes before play should the umpires take the field? Your email address will not be published. Well, we’ve got 250+ trivia questions and answers lined up for you to try to figure out and they span many different categories.

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