Inhalation: dust or vapors can cause irritation. Powder adhesives may be used to keep dentures in place. Great glue for shop cut veneer. Prefers warmer temperatures to set. Color is wood colored so blends well with most woods. Did a bent lamination using 1/16" resawn maple for a curved chair back - 3 1/2x24" long strips on an 8" radius - stack of 12. Optional: Ultra-CAT Lightening AgentIf you select this option, we will included a container of lightening powder for you to use as needed. Can this adhesive be used for general purpose woodworking?Yes. Was your order shipped timely and affordably? I am building some large full height doors that are veneered. Thanks to Joe for finding the best products so I don't have to spend valuable time researching them. From every indication.. that's what I got. I found little or no spring back on my curved panels. This veneer glue works great for gluing up bendable plywood and veneer in my vacuum bag. Just enough drying time to get the area covered and veneer applied. Excellent adhesive for interior and especially exterior wood work bonding. Rating: Ultra Cat PPR is the ONLY glue we use to build our high performance sporting equipment laminations. The powder is inert and has absolutely no effect on the quality of the bond. Forms a bond stronger than the wood itself. Do I need to apply this adhesive to the substrate and to the veneer?Always apply Ultra-CAT adhesive to the substrate only. by Amber Products - The most effective anti-oxidant and anti-aging formulation! It will keep its shape better and the "spring back" to a minimum. I ended up having an extra 50" radius vacuum pressed panel. And the service from Joe is ALWAYS excellent. This stuff works great, with a balanced set up time to finished press time it all comes together perfectly. This glue is always my first choice for veneer. Most brands specify 70 degrees F. What are the Disadvantages of Urea Formaldehyde (Plastic Resin) Glue. Melamine Formaldehyde Powder Resin AL 102P. Stuff bonded my veneer great. But getting a fresh batch has always been the problem with these glues. Warm it a little and it sets up in a matter of hours. Cascamite is the original powder resin wood glue, gap filling, weatherproof and structural wood adhesive. As solid as epoxy, this is the best for dining chairs, as well as bent laminations. Before this, I used resorcinol but the fumes are too harmful. Ultra-Cat Pre-Catalyzed Powder Resin Veneer Glue Data Sheet (MSDS). However, it is very easy to make this adhesive more flexible which is said to allow more "pop" in the skateboard. Did this item exceed your expectations? Customer support is outstanding. They may also be known as Mica Powders. Directions are clear and it's easy to get a good consistency. Superb Consistency: The high solid content of Ultra-CAT reduces adhesive bleed-through and maximizes durability. Inhalation may aggravate colds, allergies, asthma, emphysema and psoriasis. Its the fine powder that gets airborne when stirring the mixture and sanding the dried glue. Do not flood the surface with the first coat of finish. All I can offer for a review is to say that our company uses about 10 of these pails every 3 months to build high-end custom entry doors. The mixing was very easy using the Ultra Cat mixer I also purchased. Just used the last remnants of a 5 lb bucket that I purchased April, 2014 (currently July of 2018!!!). Marijuana delivery has never been so simple. I'll stick with 2 points: Finally, I'm using this for bent laminations on my rockers. Love the glue Joe! However, from conferences and the like that my supplier has attended, the rule is directed at the core stock, with the intent of getting panel producers and users to only use core that is not made with UF resins. Available in powdered or liquid forms, urea resin glues are used for laminating and veneering. Dispose of contents/ container to an approved waste disposal plant. This is enough for 200-250 square feet of coverage. Use it anyway. Extra-Long Open Time: Up to 30 minutes under normal conditions and up to 45 minutes in colder shop environments. Melamine formaldehyde powder resin (AL 102P) is a powder form that can be used in the modification of urea glues by physical blending for achieving overall improved properties of wood boards, especially for enhanced moisture resistance. Terms and Conditions | Privacy Policy | Contact Us,, Minimum review length is 150 characters. Open time outside of the mixing pot is about 20-30 minutes. Order cannabis for delivery or pick up from Greenhouse of Flagstaff in Flagstaff, AZ. Is website description accurate and fair? Forms a high-strength bond. Then proceed with heavier coats of finish as needed. Description. Powdered Pigments by Jacquard is a versatile, non-toxic additive for creating beautiful colors within your epoxy resin projects. If ingested it may cause stomach and intestinal irritation, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, weakness, and headache. Ideal for maple, sycamore, ash, and other light woods where a dark glue line would be unacceptable. Cured glue resists fungi, rot oil, gasoline, and many solvents. I sometimes use it for other gluing tasks as well. It comes as a powder that gets mixed with water. 1 pound of powder makes about 1-1/2 quarts of glue. Cascamite Wood Sealer HackIf you are a Cascamite powdered Resin wood glue convert like me. The platen is used against the veneer to make sure the veneer presses flat to your substrate. 2- Based on 12 month shelf life notice on the label, I wrote the purchase date on the bucket. Very happy and Joe is always there to help. Vitamin E, Grape Seed, Bladderwrack, Product Instructions: Click Here  Safety Data Sheet: Click Here. You'll see these compliant core stocks referred to as NAUF (no added urea formaldehyde). Made in small quantities, Ultra-Cat has an extended shelf life (one year) and will be fresh and ready to use when you get it. Click the button below to add this item to your wish list. The OP (original post) was from a guy who wanted to make a bent lamination sleigh bed. THANK YOU! Powdered plastic resin glue has a shelf life of approximately one year. How much pressure is required when using this adhesive in vacuum press?The ideal vacuum level for Ultra-CAT is 18 to 21" of Hg. He later posted his results and he wrote about how well this glue worked for him. A powdered, urea formaldehyde wood glue activated by mixing with water. Powdered Plastic Resin (PPR) product may be hot pressed, cold pressed, vacuum bagged or radio frequency … Would you recommend this product to a friend? As I have found out, this glue is strong enough to adhere to melamine where no other glue will. For us, it helps prevent doors from warping. What kind of finishes can be used on a project that has been veneered using this adhesive?You can use shellac as well as water-based, oil-based, lacquer-based, and alkyd-based stains and top coats. Want to save this item for later? Upon addition of water, in high temperature, cured urea formaldehyde can hydrolyse and release formaldehyde, this weakens the glue bond. I only made up a 1/2 cup and had no problems. Had only one area of last panel which had a small area which was not adhered but that was due to me trying to short cut and just weight the platen down instead of clamping as I did for all else. Material vapors may be carcinogenic. Before that, I was having a devil of a time getting a good veneer application and also achieving good, non-structural glue joints that didn't cold creep or keep a clean edge under temperature and humidity variations. Shelf life on the resin is highly dependent on temperature. Yes, it is a pain to mix (I use a formula of 15 grams of powder per sq ft and 1 1/3 oz water per 70 grams). 65 as causing cancer. Ultra-CAT™ is a high-solid content, pre-catalyzed powdered resin veneer glue with an extra long open time developed using catalyzed adhesive technology. This was the first mixing glue I've tried and everything went great. So much more economical and easier to clean, making epoxy unnecessary for me. Mailing List Sign up for our email list for special deals & news The pricing from is very competitive. Fans of DAP Plastic Resin Glue will find Ultra-Cat's working properties very similar. You'll find both tools very convenient to have on hand if you're working with such a high-end adhesive as Ultra-CAT. As a professional furniture maker, this is my veneer glue of choice. container of Ultra Cat several weeks back and were very satisfied that the package was shipped that day. Thanks Joe. Once it is cured it is amazing. I read about this glue on an online forum. The wax or sanding sealer will keep the CA adhesive from staining the surrounding wood as the stone is build up in the recess or crack. The 70-degree limit is real, but worth the trouble. Keep cool. Appearance and odor: tan to brown free flowing powder that will form a crust on the surface by absorbing moisture from the air. Urea Resin – Plastic Powdered Resin (PPR) – Tan. Mixes easily, rolls smooth. Seal well, stable temperature environment, inside a closed cabinet out of sunlight. We have used many of Joe's products in the past and this product like the rest has been thoroughly tested and is the highest quality and has always outworked any comparable product. This glue is ideal for water- and heat-resistant construction applications. Did the item arrive safely? This is now my go to glue for bent laminations and veneer jobs that require extra toughness. If you want a dark glue line, it has been said that Transtints can be used with this adhesive. It was made of two 1/4" panels of bending ply faced with walnut veneer. This adhesive cures rock-hard so it eliminates veneer creep caused by seasonal humidity changes. There may be other chemicals used in the manufacturing process of certain products which also may have harmful effects on humans and animals. Fast and effective adhesive used to apply tips, repair nails and wrap systems to build the layers of a fiberglass silk nail. Urea resins are a truly versatile adhesive, capable of most assembly gluing, face and edge gluing, laminating and veneering. Compared this to another one done with a fresh bucket of brand W, and see no difference in strength, indicated in this scenario by spring back, which is basically immeasurable. Shipping is likewise prompt. He knows the products, and is available for guidance. Ultra-CAT™ Tip for Skateboard ManufacturersSkateboard and longboard manufacturers often desire some flexibility in the glue line without sacrificing bond strength or durability. I prefer buying from smaller companies like this rather than Amazon or other monopolies. For medium toned veneers, use less lightener. We purchased a 25 Lbs. Not as convenient as pre-made glue but it really is no big deal to make up. After my first large veneering job using the Ultra-Cat glue, I'm sold on it. Did Joe answer any questions about this product for you? Coverage: 200 to 250 square feet per 5 lbs of powdered adhesiveTypical Shelf Life: 8 months (12 months if unopened)Minimum Use Temp: 70° FCuring Time: 4 to 6 hours at 70° FSpeed Curing: Some vacuum press users have placed a heating blanket (set on 'low') over the vacuum bag while the project is being pressed to accelerate the curing of the Ultra-CAT adhesive. I have tried several premixed glues, and this stuff is, by far, better. See more ideas about Resin art, Resin, Resin jewelry. 1- I'm not only using this as a veneer glue, but as indicated, you certainly may use for assemblies, which as a professional I often do. What is pre-catalyzed powdered uf resin adhesive? Forms a bond stronger than the wood itself. Skin contact: repeated skin contact can cause sensitization and dermatitis due to formaldehyde. This adhesive will permanently lock-in the form of curved and contoured veneer projects which makes it suitable for bent laminations such as curved doors, skateboards, and guitars. I used this glue for a backgammon board with veneer that I cut myself. First mix the inlay with the resin. Ultra-Cat is the only way to go for curved panels as far as I'm concerned. It is suitable for interior or exterior use and can also be used for laminating and load bearing applications. Please read our Proposition 65 warning.For more information, see TOTALLY FANTASTIC! I recently purchased Ultra Cat veneer glue to use attaching veneer to some substrates, and found it to be a very good product! More of a breakdown in mixing quantities would be helpful, as it would require less math. The instructions are top notch and the price is a dream. The glue was easy to mix, using the rollers recommended, spread evenly, thick or thin depending on the coarseness of the surface. Suggested Uses: Ideal for: • Veneering • Laminating • Cabinet Work • Edge Gluing • General Woodworking

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