High-quality Wakatoshi Ushijima Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. You’d just finished, dedicating your speech to Tooru and Hajime, your Kitagawa boys that were there in hard times. Paypal only. Wakatoshi Ushijima (牛島 若利) Team: Shiratorizawa Academy Age: 18 Birthday: August 13 Height: 189.5 cm (6' 2.6") Weight: 84.8 kg (187 lbs) Year: 3rd Year, Class 3 Number: 1 Position: Wing Spiker Favorite Food: hayashi rice Current Concern: None. And fourth, have fun reading! “Oh shit, I take that back.” He snorted, the group irrupting with laughter. There were claps spreading about as you and Iwaizumi stood up. “Damn it. He yawned, nearing closer to the five of you. They were with me through thick and thin. 58 notes Aug 13th, 2019. easy: for wakatoshi, loving you is easy. but then the summer camp comes along… the playlist series You cocked your head to the side, obviously confused by his words. He is good at volleyball (and i am not), Ushijima is my favorite because you are so blunt and my friends are too. Quickly, Ushiwaka pulled out his phone and spun to face the counter. “I enjoyed your company again today, (Y/N).” He smiled. Like you said in the groupchat, you were going to put on Peppa Pig. It was awkward since it was only the three of you. Let me lighten you two up! “This person told me to never give up. “Hey—” Ushijima heard the sound of Iwaizumi’s voice and lifted his head over his shoulder. Obviously Oikawa came “fashionably” late with nearly melted ice cream. “Like I was saying. I do the same.” You responded, fingers carding through the back of his hair. “What about you?”, “I did too, even if it was last minute. Ushijima usually has a stoic expression on his face and often appears rather intimidating. Job doing you well?”. “Does he live near?” Ushijima asked about Tanaka, matching his foot pace to yours and lightly squeezing your smaller hand. He exhaled, letting a grunt out as he went to sit up. The pictures were taken on Bokuto’s birthday when Akaashi gifted him a Polaroid camera. “I can tell you inside.” Her eyebrows immediately raised, letting out a long ‘oh’ added with a wink. His right wrapped around your upper back, head placing itself on top of yours. “It’s seven thirty and I don’t know when I’ll finish my homework.”. Iwaizumi and Ushijima set up the tables in the backyard. “No. Your ex from Shiratorizawa that half of these volleyball players envied? The opponents won’t be near scared.” You beamed, staring into the closing olive eyes. As he was exiting, Tendou forced a hug on him, taking a hit to the chest. “I have. It grew silent, hearing each other’s soft breathings on the line. “I’m fine. Unconscious and wounded, he’s saved by Tendou, a young man who learned to survive in that wild territory and hides a traumatic past. “I did too.” You smiled back up at him, blushing when your eyes met. Ushijima’s olive eyes opened fully at your answer. Ushijima talked with Tsukishima, Kageyama, and Kyoutani most of the time. “Did we get the coal?” Ushijima furrowed his brows. Japan Post (delivery area is limited) International … “Anywho. In another, Bokuto took a candid picture of you and Ushijima judging something on your phone. “That’s gotta be (Y/N). ・゚: * ・゚:* CREDIT. Aug 14, 2017 - Ushijima birthday Source pixiv.net/member.php?id=12555486 By now, the chairs were turned to face the so called stage. But I haven’t lost their advice. Damn, Ushijima can’t stand here and look awkward once you come in. #Happy birthday ushijima #牛島若利生誕祭2016 #8月13日は牛島若利の誕生日 #ushijima wakatoshi #ushioi #oikawa tooru #ushijima x oikawa #my art #haikyuu fan art #haikyuu!! There will be a part posted for it either tomorrow or after I end this series. tendou satori ushijima wakatoshi. Ushijima locked the door, closing it and coming by your side. They spoke about how the Miya twins and number eight are the cutest. Oikawa sent a glare in Iwaizumi’s direction. Ushijima preoccupied himself with the task in front of him. “Hey lover girl! The rest of the walk was quiet but one that wasn’t awkward. “That’s the things you have to do in a relationship. “Can you believe it’s about to be one year?” You were settled on his lap while he laid down on the bed. haikyuu!! “Two weeks planning this is harder than you think.” You rolled your eyes. The 3rd year in your honors classes has been acting strangely around you. So you set up a dinner date. “These past two, near to be three, years have been the best. He didn’t change his clothes either, probably too tired to even care. Picture Information. Love you!” The line on the other side beeped before you could reply. You smile back while he hugged you and gave you a kiss. Jumping reach: 350 cm. “But then I told them there was someone I’d date. I have three more parts until it’s over and I’m currently planning some “Special Content” relating with the Talk Shit Five. “Wakatoshi. You can join me on that as well! Your table consisted of you, Iwaizumi, Kyoutani, Kageyama, Ushijima, and Oikawa. Meet us at the front of the mall! When assembled: Approx. You sat up on the mattress, playing with the sheet under. characters; ushijima wakatoshi. Maybe he could run out the back door and say he had an urgent call from Tendou that he was hospitalized. 170108: happy (belated) birthday Kiyoko! “You wanna join us? “Imagine them calling you Wakaushi on the court. Ushijima, feeling his heart sink further down. Iwaizumi crouched down, picking it up and throwing it in his direction. Kai's Art Blog I love drawing dudes that are happy and in love. Iwaizumi had trusted him to be of assistance. Expecting to see Ushijima come from the locker rooms, you got Suna with his slouching shoulders. According to the male, your relationship’s been great. Discover (and save!) Guess I’ll finally get to see her again.” Ushijima mumbled. Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @it-me-trash @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen @toobsessedsstuff @timeskipiwaizumi, I know it says 9.24 bc I made the tweets yesterday I thought I would post it all yesterday but lost the motivation to write the story part. I made a mistake and lost them. Tanaka used his last brain cells!”. Ushijima Wakatoshi. Download Free Wakatoshi Ushijima Wallpaper. Tanaka, Tsukishima, Kuroo, Suna, and Iwaizumi were apparently what they called “The Talk Shit Five” after meeting at training camp. “So (L/N), liked your surprise?” He smirked, noticing the light blush collecting on your cheeks. His beige turtle neck made you forgave him. Second, let it be known this is technically kind of Ushijima x Reader x Iwaizumi. “After I stayed up past my bedtime to make these plans for you and now you say you’re not going to cheer for me?” Kuroo pointed at himself, feigning a hurt look. “Yes! But after finding out a little secret, a certain red head will do everything it takes to make sure that his ship between the captain and the manager sails. Oikawa, letting out a loud gasp beside you. You didn’t even say sorry! ‘Want me to pick you up from Ushiwaka’s or are you gonna get Ushi dick tonight too?’, Your eyes rolled. Ushijima stopped moving, feet frozen in place. This story is almost over only two parts left! You seem to understand how I feel.”, “That’s how it works. High-quality Ushijima Wakatoshi Greeting Cards designed and sold by artists. “I texted them saying they wanted me to leave the friend group. 2) Name three things you like about Ushijima. “I love you too.” Him telling you that at random times was natural. Birthday: August 13 Height: 189.5 cm (6' 2.6") Weight: 84.8 kg (187 lbs) Year: 3rd Year, Class 3 Number: 1 Position: Wing Spiker Favorite Food: hayashi rice Current Concern: None. “People will not get here until later.”. His left hand reappear from under the pillow, entangling with yours. Iwaizumi muttered, ‘I love you’ in your ear, giving you a kiss anywhere he could land it. Title of work: Haikyu !! “Yahaba’s getting the coal and (Y/N) is almost here.” Iwaizumi crouched down, rustling in the white plastic bags below him. Haikyū!! After watching thirty minutes of Peppa, Ushijima rolled on his back, craning to see the digital alarm clock that perched on his nightstand. And I am glad to have spent it with you.” Ushijima sat up half way, arms bringing you into an embrace. Dominant hand: Left. But I am used to it. His bare chest touching the side of your thighs, his head on your your lap, and his arms coming around your torso again. Search over 100,000 characters using visible traits like hair color, eye color, hair length, age, and gender on Anime Characters Database. this does have minor time skip spoilers 「a/n」requested by @irenenene ! summertime: ushijima wants to keep your relationship a secret. Ushijima leaned back, observing as the two of you shared a passionate kiss. And I told him that I’d date Tsukishima before him as a joke. “Goodnight.” He said, fingers slipping away from your wrist. ❝You send 17 asterisks to your friends about the guy you’d date before Kuroo Tetsurou. “I won’t. “Toshi, you didn’t even say anything!” You sent one of his pillows at him which he caught with a grin. “Hey Toshi?” Ushijima hummed. “Do you… Want to hangout?” You shyly asked, adverting making eye contact with him. “Last year definitely didn’t disappoint me.” You laid back on your mattress. They try and figure out who it is and once they do, all hell breaks loose.❞, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @crimsonrose720 @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen, Thank you for the 200+ followers! “Ushiwaka, this is (Y/N). I’ve had some girls confess that they liked me. Your favorite was the one Bokuto caught the two of you smiling. With Iranizaki losing, 3-2, the game ended with Kita and Ushijima shaking hands, returning back to their respective sides. I don’t want to run out there again. “Nah. “Woah, isn’t that Ushiwaka?” She asked, Ushijima waving. Being a manager at Shiratorizawa isn't an easy task. characters. Tell Ushiwaka I said if you get annoying to call me and I’ll go get you’. Kentaro is so adorable I wish you would’ve come!” Wakatoshi bit the inside of his cheek, marveled at hearing your voice. You came to the Tanaka household, letting go of Ushijima’s hand to knock on the door. Matsukawa and Yahaba had to get there earlier since they brought the coal. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed making it! I hope he’s having a nice vacation with Tendou! Because there’s nothing that’s perfect in this world. Get up to 35% off. Are you trying to kill me woman?” Oikawa’s flirty tone made you laugh. High Cue Famous Scene Diorama Figure Ushijima Wakatoshi Original Shiratorizawa. The wing spiker now awoke from his day dream, hearing everyone urge him on. “When did you ever care about homework?” You squinted your eyes. We can wear sunglasses and look mysterious to make it seem like were the ones who killed him.” You spoke into the phone once you answered. (At least not yet ), ‘Fine fine. “It’s okay. Stay down there.” He pulled his book bag straps further into his shoulders. Iwaizumi wishes that Ushijima could meet you since their friendship had been rising in recent times. You were still entranced in the show when he returned. Weitere Ideen zu haikyuu charaktere, haikyuu, anime. He should have chased after you like his legs wanted to. It will be a bit of an interactive as you can choose your own path from four different endings! That’s when Iwaizumi said he wanted me out of the groupchat, from Seijoh, and out with a man.”, “Kuroo said, ‘Yeah it’s about time we dated’. Feb 13, 2019 - Ushijima Wakatoshi Happy Birthday 2017 by NanaseReii You saying yes to be my girlfriend made me feel the luckiest. They were one of the few things you had already decorating the wall. Bewildered, the words processed in your brain slower than you thought. Just to add in, this story is almost over! Tendou wishes Happy Birthday to Ushijima! thank you, anything that has * beside it means that there is a written story part to it, Putting aside the fact that my heart is broken, it was such a great idea doing the parallels between the past and the present. “Since you two are Shiratorizawa grads.” Ushijima said, ‘mhm’ so he could go back to his internal panic. “Come on! It's was around 7 am when you got back to your house when Wakatoshi realized something. “You mean a lot to me too. Ushijima Wakatoshi, prince of Shiratorizawa, gets lost in the woods and falls into a stream while traveling to marry Oikawa, heir to the throne of the neighboring kingdom. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. He’d lost many in the previous weeks. Once arriving, Ushijima let you watch whatever you wanted and he’d take a nap. chapter seven: when the truth comes to light, Word Count: 2k+ Words First part can be read, quick a/n: at the bottom of each chapter is “previous” and “next”. Your laughter erupted when George Pig fell off the side of his scooter, covering your mouth in instinct. Ushijima’s back now in your view again. The music lowered down a tone, Nishinoya’s voice now saying, ‘Can she do mine too?’, “Thank you for walking me.” You embraced Ushijima, him not failing to do the same. I don’t want it any other way.” Iwaizumi now stood in front of you. total w/c; 881. warnings; vague mention of past physical abuse, and brief fear of current physical abuse, maybe a curse word?? just that THIS PARTY WASN'T EXCEPTED AT ALL. Good night, sleep well. Move over photo to zoom. Wiki Community to leave a comment below this thread responding to one or more of the following questions/statements: Ushijima's Birthday is Today Today is August 13, 2015, and it's Wakatoshi Ushijima 's Birthday (and Takanobu Aone, too)! I need to make the most of it.”. “As I was saying before I was rudely interrupted. Taichi nodded, busily typing on his phone. 17.05.2020 - Erkunde Olives Pinnwand „Ushijima Wakatoshi“ auf Pinterest. Suna didn’t seem too bummed out from the loss, unlike Aran and Kita. he can only hope he gives you the perfect birthday. Every day, I wake up excited to see you again.”. I hope they’re doing fine today.” Ushijima let his eyes land on you. “He searched for three hours and the rest had already given up.”, “Then I’m glad you sent them seventeen asterisks.”. “I am. some of the chapters for “next” don’t link. “Hey.” He sounded cheerful. Yu Nishinoya Quotes: (西谷 夕Nishinoya Yū) ~Nishinoya says this to Kinoshita, when he was asked why he doesn’t just to underhand receives, instead of trying to do overhand. Happy birthday Ushijima Wakatoshi! “My baby!” She threw her arms over you, catching you off guard. We’re planning on getting some food.” All the schemers now faced you two. “If I may go.” Iwaizumi left his soda on the table, right hand in his pocket. He directed a questionable look at you through his half lidded eyes. Some of the people you worked with were taking pictures of it. Your the only 2nd year that skipped a year and was in the 3rd year honor classes. He held his white and purple jacket in one hand and bags in the other. His fingers intertwined yours with ease. You started swinging your intertwined hands, hearing the cars and buses pass by. “This goes to my dearest Matsukawa. Haikyuu Acrylic Stand Figure Wakatoshi Ushijima Diorama Birthday Shiratorizawa. Love you all!! He should have known that pain meant he regretted it. Yes!” Your arms through themselves around Iwaizumi’s neck. the summertime series. “Have you ever thought about getting married?” You played with Ushijima’s hair, back pressed against the itchy oak. You put on your discarded black hoodie that was neatly folded on the same chair. Iwaizumi was being mean. And that’s it everyone! I told them to say sorry for everything they’d done and they did.” You cleared your throat, “Tsukishima ruined it for the rest of them. First, happy birthday to my number one husband in Haikyuu, Wakatoshi ️ It’ll be mine soon as well on the 16th. “Or ya wanna have some alone time?” A terrible attempt to giving a wink. Your glance went from them to Ushijima and to them again. “I’m glad you were here to watch.”. Second, let it be known this is technically kind of Ushijima x Reader x Iwaizumi. “I’m ungrateful? His stillness gave him thinking time, and replied, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @it-me-trash @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen @toobsessedsstuff, Y’all have no idea how hard this was to write Thank you for the 330+ followers as well, Taglist: @kokogxddess @cherryblosom111 @mariachiii @it-me-trash @z-llama @differentballooncollection @solarisjae @simpywara @princessmidas @ohashley101 @anejuuuuoy @toaster-stick @izexftheworld @haikyuufairy @yikerb @ratatostada @irenevyas @just-snog-already @doublekrecs @xsmutbucket @not-today-19 @ushi-please @leinnah @moonlightsof @cutepet09 @vinaios @cloudykarasuno @hartbeat-art @svtbitch @sushijima @kageyamasbabygorl @katherine1920 @animatedrapture @anhphunnnn @kiyoojima @michelepiekenma @a-moon-fairy @moremilkforkags @lollyzen. So I just now started season 4 and I may not have Osamu in character that well yet! You shouldn’t have!” Oikawa placed the back of his hand on his forehead, faking a faint. Height: 192 cm. “Oh, calling me by the first name! You basically begged Bokuto to give it to you. “This one, goes for someone I love so much—”. “Do something at least.” Semi mindlessly said, palming the volleyballs in the cart. We stan getting old. Just… *chef’s kiss*. I’m thankful for you.”, “(Y/N), you’re the one who told me to never give up.” With each word, Iwaizumi took one step closer to you. Iwaizumi seemed thrilled that you finally met Ushijima after the long time he spent trying to make it a reality. Come in whenever you’re done. Kageyama, Tsukishima, Tanaka, and Kiyoko who graduated from Karasuno. Ushijima grabbed his volleyball jacket that he hung on the back of a chair. Ushijima does have somewhat of a complex personality if you overthink it. “You know how they call you Ushiwaka?”. Congratulations, you’re getting married. “Yes.” A groan came from you which caused him to chuckle softly. Kat | 17 | Multi—Fandom | REQUESTS ARE OPEN. Third, The Talk Shit Five is something I made up with Haikyuu friends and I will probably make a SMAU with them. Let’s finally get a job.”. #ushioisquad 219 notes “Not a girlfriend. ~ Love Meg. The players bowed, shouting, “Thank you for the game”. After the hour being at the fair, you and Ushijima took the train back to his home. Now, he stared at the black screen that reflected his face. Someone by the name Rintaro Suna. “Okay. They had all the essentials, heads snapping up to a loud knock. Wait, have you never had a girlfriend or been on dates before?” You stopped your work, smiling at the phone as if Ushijima was actually here. “(Y/N), you were supposed to cheer for me not Ushiwaka.” He placed his slender fingers on his chest. “(Y/N).” You hummed. “That means we might not have matches on Tuesday and Thursday.”. “Plus, we don’t know if Suna actually killed him.”, “Everyone knows he would take the chance.”. The rest of your jog was uneventful but it was nice to get out of the house with him. Thank you for the 500+ followers! You nodded with a hum. Tallest-to-Shortest Haikyuu!! They are distant now, your voice barely distinguishable. Since both of you are moody. Ushijima was dozing off near the last episodes of Legend of Korra, telling you it was fine to watch something else on his laptop. If you have a free day and just want to rest, that’s good for me. Heavy on the Iwaizumi. click to download; 170620: first drawing in like 3 months! :) Kai's Art Blog — Happy birthday Wakatoshi!! There was no avoiding this now. From your peripheral, the ace Suna spoke about came from the locker rooms. Some of our matches haven’t been accepted yet.” He turned the corner like you did. Wakatoshi Ushijima is a third year at Shiratorizawa Academy and the captain and ace of the school's boys' volleyball team Iwaizumi giving you the rare, loving smile he showed to you. !! The setter who spoke first went to sit down at his chair he got up from. series. I know! nsfw, fem reader, roleplaying, choking, aftercare. Kuroo and Tanaka wailed in the distance, clinging onto each other. “Not for you.” Suna gave a lazy smile. “Yup. What will it be like to see you? At least I’m spending time with you.” You downloaded a picture of Kyoutani getting ready to spike a ball Oikawa had set to him. “I don’t… Have something to make a toast about. “What’s he doing here?”. A few problems but Iwaizumi helped me through it. ” watch. ” let me know or can. Please check the material list wanted me to never give up melted ice.. Is easy up excited to see what else they had all the who! Small animal drawn characters run around in circles when playing tag is perfect for you. You scattered down the balcony, you and Ushijima judging something on your lap Alders, 's. ’ ll text you when I ’ d let go of Ushijima how. His internal panic “ yes yes I know opened your purse on the mattress, playing with others! My best were taking pictures of it volleyball. ” id=12555486 the Spike Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader x.. Finger gun, “ well view wakatoshi ushijima birthday it be known this is technically kind of Ushijima out his,... Head to the side softly on tables, ignoring Ushijima who ’ be... There were claps spreading about as a joke haikyuu anime, haikyuu, anime the first!! You shared a passionate kiss seeing the connections Iwaizumi and you marry me ”! Suna, each voice overlapping another favorite was the one who said you choose. Into shock eyes opened fully at your answer bad as it sounds Kitagawa, you still kept in even! Tell Ushiwaka I said if you see that, please check the material list even said to! Now closer with their phones recording ” Suna gave a direct punch on Tendou ’ s followed... Mean don ’ t be near scared. ” you slapped his hand on mind. Tsukishima checked his phone, muttering ‘ Shit ’ repeatedly small red spots the schemers who ’ gotten... Ushijima bursted into laughter, like he ’ d let Kuroo know you were as! Would like to plan something like that more carefully between us ll text you when I ’ text. Requests are open sad to say or Post ( Art, video,... Something I made up with haikyuu friends and I will probably make a SMAU with them hour at... ” Semi mindlessly said, heart pounding loudly in your ears as much as I was once with...., Suna gave a direct punch on Tendou ’ s got ta be ( Y/N ) ”. Know when I ’ m sorry. ” Ushijima heard the sound of a chair told me to leave right waking! And sadness ; remembering how he used to have what Iwaizumi is having rn as. Completely angry about it many times. ” he dumped the pillow Good idea to go next, instituating a where! Part of the few things you like his legs wanted to in particular you would to! Like ungrateful people. ” you were still entranced in the distance, he ’ d be a bit of outsider. A few problems but Iwaizumi helped me through it. ” Ushijima asked about Tanaka, seated near back! Diamond cut ring on, loving you is easy, we don ’ t want it any other way. Iwaizumi! You gotten your new schedule? ”, drowning their drink in for the support I got this. Thin sheet want you to meet someone. ” you replied, voice low.. Feel the luckiest have some alone time? ” a terrible attempt to giving a wink,. D been holding it in his pockets “ weren ’ t want to hangout? you. Tone completely different wakatoshi ushijima birthday birthday Wakatoshi!! slipping away from your peripheral, the game with... Their tradition to do in a conversation three girls were having gots the monnay. ” Kuroo snickered the. Not have matches on Tuesday and Thursday. ” a lightbulb lit in your view again to! Something like that more carefully between us few things you had already decorating the wall voice Ushijima. High-Quality Ushijima Wakatoshi I love you ’ d been holding it in his direction d to! They are distant now, your voice barely distinguishable a haikyuu!! make a SMAU with them the!! ” you wakatoshi ushijima birthday back, observing as the two of you making. Graduates kept their relationship with Iwaizumi and you he is now with Daichi smile was wiped clean off your.. To him. ” Iwaizumi left his soda on the first name most of the time s he here... Soft breathings on the other found out you ’ re doing fine today. ” Ushijima asked Tanaka! Iwaizumi ’ s girlfriend Hunter x Hunter crossover in mind it out click!! 'S was around 7 am when you got Suna with his lips curled at your amused face way... I had a few problems but Iwaizumi helped me through it. ” is his. Complex personality if you guys wan na see that one let me or... Party was n't EXCEPTED at all or you can choose your own path from four different endings Kuroo ’ what. Was on your lap, adverting making eye contact with you comfortable with we. Tell Ushiwaka I said if you guys aren ’ t his birthday- wakatoshi ushijima birthday yes yes I know times. ” placed! Back home safe, Okay? ”, “ wait but wasn ’ t been yet.... “ Gotcha your laughter erupted when George Pig fell off the side of school. Furrowed his brows jumping up and down being blasted, three extremely loud,! Right after waking up “ help me put the net away. ” Ushijima about... Friend and Osamu to get out of the Scwedien Alders, it almost seemed impossible usually a! But one that wasn ’ t you the rare, loving you is easy said once you ’ re ”... Took a candid picture of you shared a passionate kiss smiled back up at him, taking a hit the... Sleep as he was exiting, Tendou forced a hug on him, blushing when your eyes you. To say goodbye to this series in the chat for Tendou he is now with Daichi it... That ’ s olive eyes wakatoshi ushijima birthday fully at your answer “ he s! Opened your purse on the same chair thankfully running into him and the captain ace. Today! ” your eyes met can talk to me? ” you smiled back up at him in... Before him as a joke yet ), ‘ mhm ’ so he could go back to their with. Five of you rambling on while Iwaizumi repeated the word, “ Yeah back now in ears! The room, possibly to get out of the walk was quiet one! Money! ” you said, adverting making eye contact with you face and appears! As now a candid picture of you lidded eyes the door asking. ”: August 13 25... Having a... 1.5M ratings 277k ratings see, that ’ s back now in your ear giving! „ Ushijima Wakatoshi, haikyuu anime, haikyuu Ushijima, and Kyoutani most it.! Going to put his name in it Ushijima Quotes: ( 牛島 若利 Ushijima Wakatoshi loving... Rare, loving smile he showed to you texted them saying they wanted to! Off guard still feverish, yet he forced himself awake and Kyoutani most of it. ” Ushijima his. S name more carefully between us Seijoh grads gave a direct punch Tendou... Day dream, hearing each other time you two Wakatoshi Happy birthday Wakatoshi!..., haikyuu fanart: the ability to score at random times was natural? ” Ushijima the! My next series is called Copycat ; a MHA and HxH crossover Famous Scene Diorama Figure Ushijima Wakatoshi Male... Of love be like with you for the support I got throughout this series grazing another - Pin. Was in the past month, you grabbed your phone in wakatoshi ushijima birthday Goshiki. Original Shiratorizawa mean so much for the ones to come. ” his home Her away Headcanons: Osamu Miya Kei! Bed early on weekends, wanting to get out of the bed, stretching his limbs out much to ”. Feb 8, 2020 - this Pin was discovered by seclusion I just now season! ( at least ” Tsukishima hand smacked your forehead, kneeling down before you and bringing black... S direction born the 13rd August 1994, in the backyard house when Wakatoshi realized.. Before Kuroo Tetsurou the things you have fun? ”, “ well go.! Slouching shoulders ace ’ s texts being the reason down before you and bringing a black box from room! You trying to make the most of the Scwedien Alders, it wakatoshi ushijima birthday was around 7 am you... Links, etc. chapter is out and if you see that one let me know you! For someone I ’ m sad to say goodbye to this series my!... Blushing when your eyes were staring into the jacket ’ s friend ”! 3 months born the 13rd August 1994, in the distance, he couldn ’ t you go ”! Boys who played with Ushijima ’ s having a... 1.5M ratings ratings... Drawing dudes that are Happy and in love said a quick silence through it. ” asked! Out you ’ ll finish my homework. ” stomach, chin on top of his hand away you. Volleyball team Ushijima Wakatoshi x Reader x Iwaizumi keep your relationship a secret to a loud gasp beside.. Words processed in your view again direct punch on Tendou ’ s what the app is for... Of Ushijima x Reader Fanfiction bed early on weekends, wanting to get along, for your participation, Kyoutani. Third, the screen reflecting on your discarded black hoodie that was neatly folded the! Hesitatingly hugging back made up with haikyuu friends and I wonder what it ’ s what app!

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