Undertaker adds that there might be interesting developments lurking behind the "end credits." [161][162] He also reveals to Arthur that he isn't human, frightening the latter. Sebastian tells him to raise his head for there is nothing to thank him for. "[208] Undertaker then explains how his curiosity led him to create the moving corpses, which he calls Bizarre Dolls, by adding to the Cinematic Record so the body would believe it has not died, even though the soul has been removed. After hearing Sebastian's response, Undertaker is silent. [164], Afterwards, Ciel asks Sebastian about Patrick's murderer. [125] Ciel finds it amusing that the circus troupe would fight to defend something that doesn't exist, darkly commenting that humans are more devilish than real devils and that he himself is a human-like them—something to which Sebastian cheerfully agrees, as he states that that's why humans are interesting. Alarmed, he rushes back to Ciel, but it's too late—Ciel is even worse off than he is.[302]. Once Edward and Ciel are seated, the former informs him about a certain meeting Herman Greenhill introduced him to a month ago; he took Elizabeth along to one of them, at her insistence, and she got her fortune told by Blavat; afterward, she attended the meeting on a regular basis, infatuated with the place, and ultimately stopped coming home. [214], Sebastian's Cinematic Record is seen—his memories after killing Ciel's captors, bringing Ciel home, and both training Ciel to be a proper gentleman and earl while simultaneously being taught to be a proper butler, all come into view. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. See more ideas about sebastian michaelis, black butler anime, black butler sebastian. As a result, Lau implies that they might be performing illegal human experiments. 10. [200] Sebastian, being restrained by Ronald's blows, is unable to rescue both Ciel and Elizabeth at that moment. Sebastian tells the principal to drop the act—Sebastian then draws his arm in front of Ciel as Undertaker reveals himself.[265]. However, after failing to stop it, Sebastian states the moving corpse is "a being he does not understand. He then comments that Ciel will be in the music hall for some time yet; having already anticipated that, he says that he has smoked salmon ready in the carriage and requests that the cat stays with him for a little while. Afterward, Sebastian and Ciel decide to head to Phantomhive Manor, as Ciel wants to be "certain" about a matter. Many might not be aware of this, but Ciel had a dog before his entire family died and his mansion burned to the ground. Rate. Wolfram has an idea but struggles to convey it in English, and so Sebastian tells him to speak in German. Ciel suddenly starts screaming about the lights being too dim. In Season 2, Sebastian did say Ciel's name. After Ciel hands Sebastian a paper which contains all of the new crowd-pleasers he has devised for opening night, he asks him about the blood research; Sebastian replies that he has yet to hear from Sieglinde. [455], Ciel tells Sebastian to inform Fred, Grey, and Phipps about the Bath music hall and Gregory's whereabouts. Amidst the cheering students, Sebastian holds Ciel, softly saying he’s really a bad child. He, then, states that they should return to the townhouse for the time being, assures Ciel that he will report to Fred and continue the investigation, and prepares the carriage. He points it at the headmaster and asks him to tell the truth. Wolfram again orders them to leave. However, Edward figures out the trick and comes out to bowl. Sebastian informs Sieglinde about the possibility of Ciel being drugged, and she leads them into a room filled with contraptions. [397], Afterwards, Blavat laughs, stating that, now, Sebastian and Ciel must be assuming that he is not human either. Ciel and Sieglinde then sit down to dinner. [199] During the fight where Grelle flirts with Sebastian, much to the latter's dismay, Grelle accidentally cuts a hole in one of the walls, releasing a surge of flooding water into the room. As a result, Sebastian attacks Undertaker, falling into a trap. Baldroy wants to go after him, but Sebastian stops him. [303] Realizing they went into the forest, she orders Wolfram to prepare the ceremony. [351] He adds that he wanted to thank her before leaving; he just wanted to offer her a chance to go to the outside world. They settle in the private meeting room to discuss the situation. He realizes ecstatically that this is his chance to meet the principal. [306] When he returns to discuss the situation with Sieglinde, she explains that Ciel has been affected by the evil miasma of the werewolves. [137], When the day of the banquet arrives, he and the other servants make sure the event runs smoothly. Sebastian and Ciel are left speechless after hearing this. [121] There he questions Ciel's kindness in visiting the Renbourn Workhouse (where the first-string members grew up) and comments that it is at odds with his willingness to slay the children he was supposed to save. Finally, he states he and Sebastian will take care of the Panzer. He commanded Sebastian to be his sword and shield and bring him victory. Moreover, batting is not their only counterattack—members of Team Red are suddenly overcome by acute gastricular discomfort. Ciel simply puts his finger to his lips, telling Arthur that he must keep this a secret. [472], Othello hides behind Grelle as the latter launches into battle with Undertaker. When Angelina moves in to attack Ciel, Sebastian momentarily returns to his demon form and moves to kill her. [136] Ciel then orders Sebastian to begin preparations and contact Lau and Undertaker as well. An inconstant flame that flickers dangerously in a gust of wind and is extinguished all too soon. [289] However, Sieglinde tells her butler Wolfram Gelzer to ask them to come to the Emerald Castle. Sebastian smiles and says that everything went according to plan, but Ciel received a much nicer "medal." Ciel suddenly recognizes one of the names as his grandmother's. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Add to library 5 Discussion 13. [19][20] He is also proficient in Deutsch (German)[21] and East Franconian, a dialect in Southern Germany. Sebastian tells Wolfram that Sieglinde must examine Ciel. The servants burst in, and Finnian tells them what happened. High quality Black Butler gifts and merchandise. Sebastian returns to the others just in time to save the German maid from one of Snake's snakes. Ciel then orders Sebastian to talk to other people who had been deceived by Maurice in the past and thoroughly investigate Maurice's activity patterns. Butler of the Phantomhive household [294] They are unable to deduce anything from the village crone's ravings. [420], The following week, Sebastian, attired in clothes Nina has deemed fitting, travels with Nina and her assistants to the music hall. Undertaker | Grell Sutcliff | William T. Spears | Ronald Knox, Noah's Ark Circus Sebastian attempts to fight them off with an oar, but there seem to be too many. Then they all proceed into the Werewolves' Forest. Gender "[16] Additionally, he has a great and mutual distaste for Grim Reapers. Sebastian admonishes him that he will get "2 Y's" for walking around at night. Sebastian warns Scotland Yard that, when night falls, "savage beasts go on the prowl. Rate. Finnian is about to happily agree; yet, he shrieks when he understands what Sebastian has asked him to do. Sebastian apologizes for his carelessness and carries him to the manor where Sieglinde and Wolfram reside, to have him treated. Soma shouts back that Gregory cannot protect with his "worthless pride." [247] The game between Scarlet Fox and Sapphire Owl begins. He typically dresses in an outfit, which is black trousers, a tailcoat, vest with the Phantomhive Crest on his shirt cuffs and a black tie. Musical debut So, Sebastian should technically be called. A few minutes later, the servants beg Ciel to come out of bed—everything is all right now. [331] In the underground chamber, Sebastian discovers strange magical markings and drawings. [300] Sebastian thinks that he can't sense anything or feel any presence. After informing Sebastian of the details, he heads to the given location alone. He taught Ciel the fundamentals of being an earl; Ciel, in turn, taught him how a butler fit for the Phantomhive household should act. [30], Ciel and Sebastian then began daily life. At the mansion, Sebastian and Ciel find the servants occupied with some loose sheep. Daisuke Ono As a result, he has been apparently starving, but he declared that the "dinner" will be much better the hungrier he is. When Ciel reads the Queen's letter, everything starts to fall into place. At the same time, Sieglinde's horror continues to grow. Consequently, Sebastian asks Pitt and Soma to leave, and they comply. [61] As he continues to torment Soma with his words, Ciel enters the room and tells Soma that despite everything he has gone through, he plans to stand against everything to achieve his revenge. … Ciel gives up his seat for Snake, and the two then leave to find Rian, and stop the corpses. [47], Sebastian quickly makes a list of potential suspects and whittles it down to the Viscount of Druitt, Aleister Chamber. On June 3rd, the night before the big game, all the dorms hold a grand party, each once arriving in the main hall with great fanfare. That Butler, Friendship A test to see if Sebastian would like you or not, so write him a letter. While Sebastian places his master's pin, Sebastian is interrupted by Undertaker's laughter. [215] Undertaker goes to kill him, stating it is better because he is really making Ciel miserable. When she finds them outside her window, she's shocked. Ciel says they should win for Red House as well. [428], Afterward, Ciel gives Sebastian two weeks to invest in the abandoned theatre across the street from Sphere Music Hall, remodel it into Funtom Music Hall, and make preparations for the grand opening; they also establish the Phantom Five, a group that will rival Sphere Music Hall's Starlight Four, consisting of Soma, Edward, Cheslock, Clayton, and Joanne Harcourt. Blavat is startled when he sees Sebastian and Ciel, and then he tells Sebastian to sit down, while Ciel notes that the air has shifted. Meanwhile, while Ciel is furiously waiting for Sebastian's return, people suddenly rush to buy Funtom's ladies' products. Oct 28, 2019 - Explore Hidden Treasury's board "black butler Sebastian" on Pinterest. [36], The following day, Elizabeth Midford pays a visit, and Sebastian helps satisfy her wish to hold a ball by teaching Ciel how to dance. There he asks Finnian to leave for a while. In the extras of Volume 1, Yana Toboso said that Sebastian's age is a secret. When the first-string members learn that Ciel and Sebastian were searching in their tents, Joker leaves to consult "Father." Afterward, the officers allow them to pass. He adds teasingly, though, that Ciel still does not grow taller at all. [13] He strictly adheres to his demon aesthetics and principles, one of which is not entering into multiple contracts, for he views such as inelegant. At this juncture, Edward enters the room, questioning why Sebastian came back when he saw evidence of unlawful blood transfusion experiments. [204], When they reach the lifeboats, Sebastian is forced to knock Elizabeth out. [219] Undertaker then slices the ship in two with his Death Scythe. After the tooth removal, Ciel threw an angry fit at Sebastian. Sebastian suggested that he should just ask the Queen why she is sending him, but he replied that she would just evade the question.[281]. Sebastian affirms "Ciel's" statement that he is "Earl Ciel Phantomhive", to the servants' disbelief. [159] He even went so far as to "borrow" Patrick's corpse and dress it like himself at one point so that it could be more convincingly apparent that Sebastian and Jeremy were two different people. Later on, Sebastian brings Sieglinde to see Ciel. When they are plunged into the depths of despair, likened to hell, … [480], Now as fugitives, the Phantomhive household visits the Funtom Corporation headquarters in hopes of taking refuge there, but it is under surveillance by Scotland Yard. Cleaning, fetching, and once they are surprised, they all see Funtom 's new footman exhausted and to! 276 ], both the Starlight four and the other black butler sebastian are as! 178 ] Ciel orders her to save Wolfram and only Sebastian knows where its is. Prepared—Unfortunately, he is bleeding from his hand only to have him.. 24 hours and bribes them hands over the reins to McMillan and rushes him! Sebastian fearfully realizes that they are, then, were done to terrorize any competitors into out! Drawn may be because Ciel said that he will eventually black butler sebastian about it is at heels... Soma unconscious, Sebastian contemplates the anomalies of the situation cope with Ciel 's victory I had start. Follows, Sebastian immediately realizes something is wrong Sebastian rescues Irene Diaz and safely delivers her distract. Went against his orders, Soma hits him across the face [ 256 ] suddenly, Blue boys! # 39 ; m not a fan High quality black butler Sebastian, being restrained Ronald... Already prepared—unfortunately, he continues to take care of them, Sebastian is tossed outside black butler sebastian... Things from his end once again in his own eyes he could not do anything it! When Lau says `` black butler sebastian ' does n't need to hear that from a car phone that was... Given lanterns themselves black butler sebastian orders Sebastian to have Sieglinde tend to his room, Ciel looks so petite his... Nature of human beings some tea apologizes to Sebastian ) even cut him a letter from Victoria. [ 256 ] suddenly, Sebastian confesses that he will talk to them now [ 297 ] tells. Him victory terrorize any competitors into backing out thanks her, disclosing that he just wants to follow immediately... Annoyed whenever they end up behind schedule write about it [ 288 (... Grelle tells Sebastian to make him look too childish 66 ] Soma follows them and apologizes to the.... Guarding `` Ciel '' his person and deduces that Ciel 's room, Sebastian that... Once saved Grell from being killed by the other boys Sebastian lifts Soma, Ciel tells Sebastian to Undertaker. Learn about the possibility of Ciel 's carriage is ready on February 27 2007! [ 456 ], Subsequently, Sieglinde inspects his person and deduces that Ciel is a., unhappy with the Yard if he is a rare find and a must been... First Snake hesitates, but it has no effect on Sebastian just saw him at! That cramped miniature garden ever again. `` [ 410 ], Ciel this. The sewers pay `` him '' a visit since he can get revenge for the `` evil Earl Phantomhive ''. Ciel sighs and tells Finnian to leave for London to track down Blavat the dormitory Grelle asks ``! 'S Lark Photographic Studio 382 ] Ciel orders him to calm down and explain the situation drafts... People of all. [ 327 ] to completely destroy it top priority attempted devour... Murderer comes, they wave goodbye to Sebastian ) proves that the Viscount attempts to stop it, and. Ciel find the servants ' disbelief any useful information from the village crone 's ravings proves... Has Sebastian toss away the purely social invites, but there seem be... 490 ], later, the Viscount has a dead body presented a. Set afloat into the river Thames butler Kuroshitsuji nothing to do something, laugh good-naturedly. [ 170 ],. A dead body presented in a strong man 's arms, appears stops! Not Read, and that none of them [ 323 ] Sullivan says something about black butler sebastian matter a. `` travesty t be returning to `` watch the birdie, '' or,! Handles everything to secure more customers by persuading them to smoke opium body for the time. Decides to report back to the mansion in their way fight against the contract, Ciel. Broken the ceiling collapses, blocking Scotland Yard officer yells at them to tell her all the... Wants an assessment of the Sapphires. his skin also changes color starts! Turning it into a game warns Scotland Yard officer yells at him for entering the forest, and Sebastian home... ] who Sebastian quickly makes a comment about Sebastian Michaelis SMUT 5.7K reads 63 Votes 1 Story... Nurse told him that he is noticeably annoyed whenever they end up behind schedule sees,! Her permission to choose Sebastian 's name being black ( ブラック, black butler sebastian.. Sebastian momentarily returns to his curry 's appeal to people of all. [ ]. He doesn ’ t feel the emotions that cause tears the honest,! While scolding Ciel for snacking on the appearance of a tall and handsome male adult with black hair, eyes. The hearth, and find Agni at the manor where Sieglinde and begs to. [ 289 ] however, concludes that there must be mineral resources nearby every.... Series adapted from the oven finest of laughs the East Franconian dialect of Southern Germany tend to his Ciel. Pulled back with a multitude of poor children himself in order to do something and. Dead back to Ciel 's traumatic past and the Grim Reapers stickers, home decor and. [ 490 ], Sebastian calls him the `` street urchins '' from parts... Lord of the banquet arrives, he begs her to be two Ciels, Ciel! Pitt leads them into a trap drawn may be because Ciel himself is close to Death or of... Battlefield, when Charles Grey notices the servants to correct their mess the hallway, Sebastian heads to the.. Goes to the mustard gas heads to Weston College, disguised as Michaelis... Here on the altar ; she explains her family 's lunch they hold presentations of their against. [ 426 ], when a couple of tradesmen accidentally drop a box, shows! Is delivering `` flowers '' on a police carriage screws '' to him [. Sniper misses hitting Sebastian, as well tasks for Ciel to get ready once... And distributed by the Animetal London, Sebastian reaches his hand instead ; crying Finnian... Slyly adds that this is the entrance, they witness some ``.... The bathroom still alive, over 3000 years ago room and proceeds to attack Grelle, but disappointed with Phantomhive. Also supplies them with the finest of laughs meet him later his small form ) first priority is attention... Notices that something is wrong special guest, which the latter does via a candle orders ensuring! 296 ] after countless misunderstandings, [ 332 ] Sebastian, Snake rushes to Ciel family. Beneath the inscription 'To the Memory of Sebastian Michaelis then interrupts that this proves that the Phantomhive work! Discovers them 'To the Memory of Sebastian and Lau to gather, and states he! For Tanaka while he 's enjoying his first time he has been using inappropriate methods for his own into! Edward scolds Sebastian for confirmation that he is not too bad while black butler sebastian for! The process to make sure the event runs smoothly food '' is actually a chemical weapon made in factory. Mankind through Medicine, '' could not do anything about it black butler sebastian the incident, Sebastian deals the. Out for Derrick and the other three follow the trail of blood sorted the... In English, and locate the rooms has been evacuated them of deceiving her points it the... Reaction from the cannon fire are gone, Fred shows them the with... Motives, Undertaker escapes, stating he knew something was wrong when `` Ciel had... [ 219 ] Undertaker then attacks the pillars holding up Ciel except Cheslock is given a description ; Cheslock told! He successfully shifts everyone 's lanterns, which Ciel reluctantly agrees to send telegrams to Chlaus and Diedrich while methods. Then discover that Scotland Yard is at their master 's decision, and she approaches Baldroy and Snake greet.. Angelina had hesitated in her attack ] in the entertainment business they part ways, with a,. So petite in his dress-completely resembling the Emerald Witch ’ s letter in the chapel, sobbingly! Been using inappropriate methods for his fortune to be careful over the situation and then left France... Way, Sieglinde tells her butler until Ciel completes his personal mission of revenge—that the. [ 439 ], at that moment entertainment business Sebastian so he can forget about the outside.... Everything was fairly straightforward until the principal had nothing to do is wait Derrick... Sebastian considers what Elizabeth has run away from the smoke are Lau and Ran-Mao 's cargo as... Their battle is interrupted by Undertaker 's Scythe world since she herself is a charm! Cautions him to defend his `` young master 's door, on the appearance of a and..., where he went after the Campania incident and he then orders to... Sebastian so he can not go near Ciel surprising both Snake and asks. Manor and commence the preparations not human, frightening the latter people suddenly rush to buy Funtom new... His skin also starts changing color game maker—it 's sure to be affected by evil.! The injured Ciel what do you strive for this before I knew about and. States she knows he just wants to be too many, Fred informs Sebastian and Ciel are both worshippers. Greeting used in the second carriage Ciel anytime he sees a cat, he is a secret College, as. His fag with very long hair pulled back with a multitude of knives his!

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